BatchPay Xero Support.

Xero BatchPay Support

How does BatchPay integrate with Xero?

BatchPay integrates with Xero at several points in your accounts payable process flow to make batch payments faster!

With a secure, authenticated Xero login, the following items are sync’d from Xero into BatchPay:

  • Organisations (ONLY the Xero organisations explicitly granted access to BatchPay)
  • Users (ONLY Xero-authenticated users)
  • Invoices (ONLY the invoices that are Xero awaiting payment or part-paid accounts payable bills)
  • Contacts (ONLY the Xero supplier contacts for the sync’d invoices)
  • Accounts (ONLY the accounts for the sync’d Xero supplier contacts – this enables preparation of the payment file for upload to the bank)

On completion of a successful BatchPay batch payment, these items are then sync’d into Xero:

  • Payments (linked to the approved Xero bill, thus removing the trade creditor and creating a bank reconciliation item)
  • History & Notes (a Xero History Note is added to the bill for complete audit trail on how and when the payment was processed

BatchPay does not store ANY data, so once the user logs out of their BatchPay OR Xero session, users can rest assured their Xero data retains integrity & accuracy by removing the data link with BatchPay.

No Xero API throttling limits are reached during login so users can logon and off as required.