making batch payments faster.

Pay 500 Bills in a Single Batch

Pay as many Bills
in a Single Batch as you’d like!

Sign in to BatchPay securely using your Xero login

Connect all your organisations to BatchPay

Easily search and filter all your bills to pay as many as needed 

Generate banking files (eg. ABA, BACS, CSV) and email remittances


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BatchPay enables us to completely streamline our Accounts Payable process. We’re now saving hours every week in time we used to spend generating all the batch payments we make. With BatchPay it’s a matter of minutes!

Andrei Gromek
RPF Building

Everything to Make Payments Faster.

Explore BatchPay and its tools for accounts payable teams and bookkeepers.

Multiple Organisations

Multiple Organisations

Connect as many Xero organisations securely to BatchPay as you need.

Generate ABA file

Generate Payment File

Selected bills are exported to a batch payment file for easy and fast payment in your banking software.

Email Remittances

Email Remittances

Successful payment remittance details are emailed to suppliers and subcontractors.

Mark Bills as Paid

Mark Bills as Paid

All payments made in BatchPay are sent to Xero to update creditor balances in real-time.

Easy Search & Filter

Easy Search & Filter

Quickly search through and filter thousands of bills to find the ones you need to pay.

Part Pay Bills

Part-Pay Bills

Choose to pay total bill amounts or only part-pay if needed. Whatever amount is paid is sent to Xero for accurate bill balance tracking

Batch Report for Quick Reconciliation

Batch Report for Quick Reconciliation

Export a report on completed batch payments for easy bank reconciliation.

500 Bills in 1 Batch

Pay all Outstanding Bills in 1 Batch

That’s right, all outstanding bills in a single batch.

More Features Coming Soon

BatchPay & Xero Integration

BatchPay enables Xero users to pay as many bills in a single batch as they need.

BatchPay + Xero

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users securely sign in to BatchPay using their Xero login. No more maintaining separate user accounts!


Connect one or all your Xero organisations to BatchPay. Easily access all your organisations in BatchPay just like you do in Xero.

Update Xero Bills

All Xero bills paid in BatchPay, whether complete or part payments, are updated in Xero in real-time for accurate creditor tracking and reporting.

Bank Reconciliation

Successful payment batches produce a batch report to enable fast reconciliation of your bank account in Xero.

Xero Contacts

BatchPay utilises all the contact information from Xero including account name, BSB and account number, as well as email address for sending remittances.

Accurate Tracking

Xero users can continue to make payments outside of BatchPay where required. Any payments that are completed in BatchPay are identified on the Xero payment transaction.

Simple and Affordable.

BatchPay is available as a monthly subscription across all regions below.

Sharing the Batch Love!

Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s hear from some happy batchers….. 

Preparing the weekly payment run used to take a few hours, setting up all the batches and importing all the .aba files into the bank.

Now with BatchPay it only takes me a few minutes to do the lot!

Michelle James
Accounts Payable

BatchPay has enabled me to refocus my team members onto more productive tasks rather than taking hours to complete subbie & supplier payment runs

Rebo Shopov
Company Secretary


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